I am an experienced photographer specializing in creating environmental portraits and corporate photo libraries. I capture employees, officers and customers of blue chip companies at their very best. My photographs are used for all types of print and digital communications.

My mid-continent home base allows me quick and easy access to photograph people anywhere in America. I am efficient, affordable and I work alone. Simplicity is my artistic and operational priority.

I lead with a unique pricing approach that is simple and transparent. I charge a flat per-image price for a lifetime of royalty-free use. This method makes perfect sense in a world where brand photography serves many needs.

Years of photographic training and experience have taught me how to repeatedly capture the decisive moment in the camera, not to rely on digital post.

Early on as a photojournalist, I learned that there is an opportunity for a great picture at any location, at any time of day and in any condition.

As a career artist I have worked in all 50 American states and in 18 countries. I travel constantly and I’m truly at home on the road.

I look forward to working with you on the first of many projects.

-Stephen Kennedy, 2017


 Photo by Vincent Liu/London