I create photography for companies at no charge.

Exclusive and Royalty-free.

No Shooting Fee & No Expenses

I create new photography for companies without charging a shooting fee or billing for expenses. Simply put, I produce photo sessions and then present finished, retouched and reproduction-ready photographs for purchase consideration. These photographs are created without any requirement or any obligation for you to buy.

If you see a photograph from your session that perfectly suits your needs, you can buy an instant royalty-free download for a lifetime of unlimited use. Purchased downloads are exclusive to your company and are priced at $900 per photograph. This means that you can choose to buy whenever you are ready with no pressure, no deadline and absolutely no obligation.

The absence of a buying requirement eliminates financial risk. Selecting from finished high-resolution retouched images removes creative uncertainty. You get exactly what suits your needs instantly in an efficient and cost-effective way. Again, there is no photography creative fee or day rate, no crew wages, no retouching fees and no charge for travel.

Three Simple Steps


Select your subjects

Identify the people and the locations of the subjects to be photographed.


I create custom photographs

At my own time and expense I will travel to and photograph your people.


Buy only what you love

Review retouched photos on a private site. Buy only what you love and only when you're ready.

Real World Examples

Click photos to see comprehensive case studies


Photographs of small teams and highly skilled individuals in precision manufacturing facilities in Missouri and Virginia.


A photojournalistic essay showing multiple generations of dairy farmers with their heritage livestock in rural Maine.


Portraits of law firm shareholders in offices located in Kansas City, Omaha, Phoenix, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Wichita.


Team members and supervisors photographed in Ann Arbor, Manhattan and Mountain View.


Simulated testimonials with actors in Honolulu, Springfield, San Francisco and Tampa.


Healthcare organization testimonial proof of concept using a real husband and wife in Berkeley.


The $900 License

What rights are included?  Each photo purchased at $900 includes a lifetime exclusive royalty-free license for one company.

Is there a purchase requirement or minimum?  No. There is no obligation to buy ANYTHING.

What about photographs that we don’t buy?  Your photographs are hosted and available for purchase indefinitely.

Will you sell our licensed photographs to anyone else?  No.

The Photo Session

How do we start?  Introduce me to your subject(s) and I’ll take it from there.

Do we pay extra for your crew or staff?  No. I work alone.

Do you charge for travel?  No.

Can we attend the shoot and/or offer input?  Yes.

Creative Excellence

Can you satisfy our creative needs?  Yes. I will apply my exacting standards to the creation of your photographs based on my experience completing 1150 self-financed, self-produced photo sessions in all 50 states and 18 countries.

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